No Time To Die-New Trailer

Ana de Armas and daniel craig- no time to die

No Time To Die -New Trailer & Images


Bond fans rejoice! No Time to Die is still set for a November release. MGM are sticking to their guns and have turned up the hype meter with this trailer. Watching this November can’t come soon enough. Daniel Craig’s last outing as the iconic British super spy is showing all signs of being the perfect swan song for him.

The trailer is action packed and this film looks like its going to be absolutely non stop with Rami Malek’s ‘Safin’ threatening to kill millions so the world can be ‘tidier’!. Dare I say it, this might just be the anti TENET for those of you who found Mr Nolan’s latest a bit too much to process!

We get to see a lot more of Ana de Armas in action which shows she isn’t just in the movie as eye candy. This is going to light up the screens when it drops this November

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