Prey Trailer: Watch ‘The Predator’ Battle a Worthy Opponent

Prey blog cover

Not quite a Predator origin story, but ‘Prey’ does take us back 300yrs into the past and serves as a prequel to the other four movies in the series

The movie comes to us from director Dan Trachtenberg and will introduce the Predator to a whole new audience. The original Predator’ movie was one of the films that helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger a global superstar and has spawned many comic book and movie spinoffs.

This Sci fi action thriller stars Amber Midthunder as ‘Naru’, a fierce and skillful warrior. The movie is set in the Comanche Nation and Naru’s family and tribe are confronted by one of the first Predators to arrive on Earth. Can they take on and survive this highly evolved hunter? We’ll find out when it streams on August 7th, on Disney Plus in the UK and Hulu in the US.

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