Margot Robbie

Heroes & Villains-Movies That Made Us

Who are the Heroes and Villains we love? Every Villain is the Hero of their own story We all love talking about movies. This is the second in a series of questions about the impact film has had on our lives. Part Two features Dani, Matt Black, Khariis, Emma, Kalvin, Sarah, Glen, Katie, Maryann, Karen, Toya What are the favourite film franchises of all time? find out here
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Birds of Prey Review

Birds of Prey (Update)Now steaming on HBO Max Birds of Prey Review Enter Subtitle It’s fair to say I’m a DCEU sceptic. I frequently tell people that in my opinion there have been no good DC films since the Nolan Batman trilogy and after a number of disappointments have skipped seeing the last few. I didn’t even see Suicide Squad however decided to take a punt on this new Harley Quinn movie, my first exposure to her on film. Surprise, surprise; I really enjoyed it! It’s fun. Robbie’s Harley is supremely likeable. The action set pieces are joyfully chaotic but…
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