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Most Wanted Movies

Here are the great films you need to see this August

Welcome to the August edition of Most Wanted Movies. Here are the films we can’t wait to see coming this August 

Now July didn’t go the way we had planned in terms of cinema films. The elephant in the room is Tenet. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with it being delayed AGAIN. The problem is, the cinema chains need a big movie to attract people back to the cinemas and that responsibility is falling completely to Tenet. Christopher Nolan has been insisting on a simultaneous worldwide release which is proving impossible due to the different lockdowns around the world. The cinema chains keep pushing back their opening dates in line with Tenet but the reality is, they need to get past that idea. It’s unlikely we’ll see that worldwide release so why keep punishing some? The latest info at the time of filming this is that both Disney’s Mulan and Tenet have been removed from release schedules, they currently have no release dates. This definitely has me feeling down. I was looking forward to Mulan, with  no disrespect to the lead actress Liu Yifei but the last time we saw Jet Li and Donnie Yen on the screen together we got classic scenes like this. Now we must wait.  

But in the classic words of Bob Marley, I don’t wanna wait in vein. Time waits for no man, the world keeps spinning so what have we been up to in July instead? Well, we had our first movie competition winner, congratulations Elena!  

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I brought u a review for Netflix ‘the old guard’ staring Charlize Theron which was actually quite good  

Matt brought us 10 Fantastic Film facts about The Dark Knight, I’m a big batman fan and even I didn’t know some of those facts, you should check it out.  

Dani gave us the definitive break down for Hamilton… I’ve watched it now, she was right, it is amazing. And Kalvin reviewed 2 Netflix films, Extraction which he loved and The Love Birds which he didn’t love!  

So what’s can’t I wait to see August? Well I’d like to see if any of the cinemas are actually brave enough to open. Films like Bill and Ted have been shifted from Aug to the 1st of September but the studio Orion have said its coming Sep to Cinemas and On Demand so whether the cinemas open or not, they are releasing it.  

Bill & Ted Face The Music: Trailer

There are strong rumours that one of the most delayed films ever, The New Mutants will see a release on August 28th, either in any open cinemas or on Disney plus. Now this film has been delayed so many times they might as well call them the old mutants. It was originally due out in April 2018!  But Disney still seem to be behind it despite the delays and reshoots etc so maybe I’m actually starting to root for it a bit, I like an underdog story and I actually liked the new trailer which just dropped as it really emphasizes the cross between horror movie and superpowers so if it actually does drop this August, I’ll think I’ll be there to support (one for us Toya? 😉

New Mutants opening scene: Trailer

But if you are looking for a film that’s guaranteed to bring you that big movie feeling in August then look no further than Netflix. August 14th sees the confirmed arrival of Project Power starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Now this looks like a straight up popcorn movie. It’s got two big Hollywood names. It’s got traditional action with fights and gunplay but it’s so got superpowers! This is a world where getting a superpower is as easy as taking a pill but no one knows what power you might get when u take the pill, so it’s completely random and I think that’s going to be part of the fun. what happens if you take two pills, I mean maybe u might die but also u might come up with some new fantastical super power. I think this is going to be a big fun movie and might just be what keeps the film flag flying in August  

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Project Power: Trailer

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