The King’s Man Trailer – Matthew Vaughn takes us back to the start of the saga

king's man

The King’s Man takes us back to the beginnings of the secret spy wars to battle Rasputin

Kingsman was a breath of fresh air when it was released in 2015. Not only did it remind me how cool Bond USED to be, it also made me a Colin Firth fan having never really been interested in his films before. He was totally convincing in the role of Galahad, the master spy English man and Taron Egerton was perfect as the street kid being taught manners. Yes, the story has been told any times before but not like this and not with action as enjoyable as this (remember the umbrella fight scene in the pub!). The supporting cast was equally as strong with great performances from Mark Strong and Samuel L Jackson.

the king's man
The King's Man Trailer - Matthew Vaughn takes us back to the start of the saga 1

The sequel followed the formula for most sequels in that it was bigger and offered more of everything but somehow it didn’t have the same magic as the original. We always knew Director Matt Vaughn had plans for a third movie, but no one expected him to go back, way back. He has left the story of Galahad and Eggsy behind to try and recapture the magic of the original, which was about discovery, seeing the Kings man world through the eyes of a brand-new recruit. This prequel ‘The Kings Man’ is set to release this September and goes back to the origins of this super spy organisation. They are less well known, less refined but also appear to be no less deadly. He has also cast Ralph Fiennes in the lead role.

While he is an actor you wouldn’t associate with action films, Colin Firth proved its quite possible to pull it off. Joining Ralph Fiennes will be Harris Dickinson as the new recruit and a Rhys Ifans as the big bad Rasputin and Djimon Hounsou as a fellow agent. As its set so far back i can see this prequel being the start of a whole new series if it’s successful

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