The Snyderverse: Is it time for us to move on?


After some Epic movies and incredible moments, is it Time to let go of The SNYDERVERSE?

Zack Snyder and James Gunn are two directors who have both been in the position of power at DC. Even though Zack Snyders position wasn’t official, it is widely accepted that he was given stewardship of DC’s superhero movies. He personally selected all the actors in those positions, like Aquaman, Batman, Superman and Woman etc.Even other DC directores (David Ayer, James Wan, Patty Jenkins and Cathy Yan) all wrote and designed their DC movies with Snyders vision being the commion thread between them, hence the term ‘SnyderVerse’.

But as another visionary director no in charge at DC Films, should we still be holding on to Zack Snyders vision or accept that James Gunn will have his own big ideas and approach to these characters. they are both ‘comicbook’ fans so the respect for the material will always be there. As good as it was, it might be time to move onn from the SnyderVerse.

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