Wonder Woman 1984 is an exciting and memorable superhero thrill ride that’s relevant to anyone in need of inspiration and belief right now

In a world where every hero wants to be an anti-hero, truth is subjective and doing the right thing is optional, Wonder Woman 1984 is the remarkable reminder we all needed of the power of good and honesty. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot partner to bring us a delightful dose of action, comedy, and fabulous eighties’ nostalgia tied together in a movie spectacle the likes of which we haven’t seen this year.

Wonder Woman and Cheetah battle in the White House

I had serious apprehensions about bringing the villain Cheetah from the comic book to big screen and also about the character being played by the normally comedic Kristen Wiig. But these fears were very quickly put to bed as her portrayal of the character and story arc proved to be surprisingly believable and thoroughly sympathetic-she felt very human. But despite Kristens stellar effort, the star of the show was undoubtedly Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord, who managed to portray a villainous character we don’t support but have every empathy for his plight, His performance ranged from comical to villainous to emotional and despite having no ‘superpowers’, the screen lit up every time he was on.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman still manages to leave us completely disarmed by her charm, strength, vulnerability, and the totality with which she embodies this character. It may be hard to see someone else play Wonder Woman in my lifetime. Her action scenes were beautifully visceral and glorious to behold, even more so on the amazing IMAX screens. I do wish there had been a few more set pieces.

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The film asks a very simple questions: what would you do if you had one wish, if you could make your hearts greatest desire a reality? This question runs throughout the film with ‘Head’ constantly at war with the heart. Again, it’s a reminder that what is right doesn’t always match our base desires. Setting the film in the eighties made the perfect backdrop for this theme as it was famously known as the decade of decadence – always wanting more as ‘greed was good’.

I would have liked to see a lot more of the eighty’s themes, culture and music explored in much the same way as Themyscira was. If I weren’t around in that decade, I would have certainly learnt a lot more about the Amazonian traditions than what life was like in the 80s.

Speaking of Themyscira, we get to see another side of this amazing island and experience more of its culture and people. The Amazonian games at the start did a brilliant job of not only providing background for Diana but also speaks to where the Amazonian fight and spirit comes from.

I had serious concerns about Chris Pines return going into the film and unfortunately the niggling feeling of unease with Steve being in the movie never left. I understood his purpose and importance to Dianas story and once he was there, the pair make a wonderful team, both comedically, romantically and in their action sequences. They work so well together any Director would want them back on screen. I just wasn’t fully sold on the way he came back.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review 1

Wonder Woman 1984 is an incredible ride full of love, fun and adventure. It tells a tale of good vs evil without labelling anyone as such. We are all humans, driven by our desires to be better and have more. Anyone can be corrupted by personal desires and become blind to when those desires start to hurt other people. No, we can’t have it all, but we can learn to love and appreciate what we already have. The truth may sometimes be ugly but its real and you can always work hard to make it better. A beautiful lie will always crumble.

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Patty Jenkins brings us a hero not afraid or ashamed to do the right thing or tell the truth with no hint of the currently ever popular ‘antihero-ism’ in sight. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense Patty paid so many tributes to Richard Donners original Superman film.

'The good guys are coming back’ is the brilliantly optimistic message I took from the film. As we fight to reclaim our life’s and soul’s in the new year, that message which makes Wonder Woman 1984 an exciting, memorable, and timely superhero thrill ride that’s relevant to anyone in need of inspiration and belief right now
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There were some reports of tension between Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig during filming. The ladies put those rumours bed with this silly video!

See the Official extended trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 here

Wonder Woman 1984 – Spoiler free Review

Mysteree – We Talk Film

Patty Jenkin’s transports us to the decadent 1980’s where greed and selfish desires have left the world at the brink of extinction. Orchestrated by the villainous Maxwell Lord, supported by the ‘Apex Predator’ known as Cheetah, Wonder Woman and Steve set out on a globetrotting adventure to save the day
Plot/Story – Fantasy story based on magic and mysticism slightly let down by Steve’s unconvincing return
Characters – Brilliant fun characters with Maxwell Lord and Cheetah taking centre stage
Visuals & Music – Stunning lush visuals, from the city streets to the desert to glorious Themyscira. Sound effects were sharp and the score by the legendary composer Hans Zimmer complimented the screen perfectly
Enjoyment – Big bright action set pieces, great characters and world threatening stakes combine to make the kind of fun experience you can just get lost in


Wonder Woman 1984 is an exciting and memorable superhero thrill ride that’s relevant to anyone in need of inspiration and belief. It’s not perfect but might just be the kind of perfect we need right now


Wonder Woman 1984 Red Carpet event

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@Mysteree…. this was a very good review and has given me a good outlook on the film. I didnt think that the trailers gave a good overview of what the film would be about… so I have been a bit apprehensive about this movie. I was also not the biggest fan of the first movie so was not too sure what to make of this.

but after reading your review… I am looking forward to seeing it. I think one of my main issues was is that o still don’t see gal gadot as wonder woman. hopefully watching this will change that.

Great review. I look forward to more.

Thanks for this i was wondering if I should buy it off you tube to watch at home, now i will!

Brilliant review. Not the kind of film I’d usually pick as a first choice but tempted to watch after reading this. Was curious to know why you were apprehensive and fearful about bringing Cheetah from the comic book to big screen..? On a side note, you have a serious gift for writing… your passion for film jumps off the page!

Wonderful! I’m now very excited about seeing this movie! Great stuff

Great review, I like your star rating. Looking forward to seeing the film.

Good review, can’t wait to see it!

Were there any post credit scenes?

I watched WW84 and i was not impressed at all. Sorry! The opening action scene and the scene that followed were great… sadly, that’s where it ended for me. There was not much action in the film that is 2.5 hours. Steve coming back i understood, but in a random man. I mean… did this man have another family? was someone else missing him? Did he have a job etc… lol…. Maxwell Lord, he became the wish stone and could touch people through the TV. Nothing else to be said. Then there was the Cheetah… “sigh”… she wanted to be an Apex Predator, so she changed into a Cheetah. REALLY!!!!.

I think it was a big let down. i still do not buy Gal GADOT as Wonder Woman, and although i was not a fan of the first WW movie, i felt it was better than this movie.

The in the post credit scene was the original Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter, who has now been in the world for all this time… just chilling. And… did she break the ‘Forth Wall’ by looking into the camera and winking?

As you can tell…. i was not impressed. 3rd time lucky maybe!

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