5 Films or Less Challenge: Results

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The Results are in:

A massive thanks to everyone that took part in the very first 5 films or Less challenge. We had a number of great entries so it was fun going over the connections you made. 15 of you managed to hit the magic score of 6 films. We assigned each winners a number between 1 to 15 and used a random number generator to pick one.

And the Winner is….

Elena R.

She put together some clever combinations to get her score of 6:


  • Kevin Hart & Jonah Hill This is the End – Jonah & Leo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street
  • Robert Downey Jnr & Jack Black Tropic Thunder – Jack Black & Danny DeVito Jumanji: The next level
  • Keanu Reeves & Bonnie Hunt Toy Story 4– Bonnie Hunt & Tom Cruise Rain Man

Congratulations Elena! We’ll contact you privately to confirm your choice of Cinema chain or Streaming service for your gift card

We will be back with another challenge for everyone very soon but in the meantime, feel free to get some practice below/challenge your friends.

5 Films or less challenge –
Just for Fun (14th July)

Enter Subtitle

The Rock
Adam Driver

Can you link The Rock to Adam Driver in 5 Films or Less?

Hugh Jackman
Ryan Gosling

How about Ryan Gosling to Hugh Jackman?

——————————————-(Comp below ended 14th July)————————-

Are you a Movie Mastermind? Then take the test.

Link the two actors in 5 Films or Less

5 Films or Less Challenge: Results 1

5 Films or Less challenge is the ultimate test for those who know their films and love a bit of a Trivia challenge. We’ve made the first one easy. Kevin Hart and Leonardo DiCaprio haven’t starred in a film together but they have co stars who have appeared in films alongside them. Can you get from Kevin to Leo in 5 films or less? Both Matt (@mmcewen555) & Dani (@holdthelineblog) managed it in 3, can you match them or do better?!

Kevin Hart
Leonardo Dicaprio

rdj42 2
Robert Downey Jnr
Danny Devito

Keanu Reeves
Tom Cruise

How to Enter

  • There are 3 lines, each with two actors who haven’t appeared in a film together yet
  • You need to link the two actors by naming another actor one has starred alongside and keep going till you connect to the other actor.
  • The challenge is to complete each line in 5 films or less. Your total score for each line is added up and the person with the lowest score below 15 wins.
  • If there is more than one entrant with the same score, the winner will be chosen at random from the eligible entrants.
  • The links must be the actors in the films, not writers, directors etc
  • The films must also be named, not just the actors
  • If there is no winner (no entrant is able to score 15 or less overall) The prize will be rolled over to the following week with a new challenge set.
  • All entries must be received by 23:59 on the 13th July.
  • Any personal information collected will be used inline with data protection laws and our Privacy policy
  • The winner will be announced on the 14th July 2020. The winner consents to reasonable publicity regarding the win
  • The competition is only open to UK residents at this time

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