Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer

A New Legacy

LeBron James aka ‘King James’ gets ready to forge a new legacy alongside classic toons from the Warner Bros stable

Space Jam A New Legacy arrives in just two weeks on July 16th. Witness Porky Pigs rap battle debut as the Notorious P.I.G!

A New Legacy -  LeBron and the Loony Toons
Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer 1

Basketball superstar LeBron James aka ‘King James’ steps up to fill the legendary shoes of Michael Jordan in the first official trailer for the forth coming feature Space Jam- A New Legacy. LeBron is on a mission to get his son back from some evil toons, but this is not really going to be about the plot.

The talented animators are pushing their imagination to the limit to see how they can’t innovatively blend live action with animation, crossing back and forth while also blending both worlds seamlessly. Bugs Bunny and the looney toons haven’t been that visible amongst kids over the last decade so for some, this will be an introduction and the first time they hear bugs say, ‘what’s up doc’.

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Bugs Bunny’s not quite ready for action in A New Legacy

Warner Bros will be hoping for a resurgence in interest for these characters as well as bringing a new generation of young fans along for the ride. Coming this July

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