Antebellum Trailer- Can Janelle Monae escape this Nightmare?

antebellum trailer

The Antebellum Trailer sees Janelle Monae trapped in a nightmare scenario

This is the latest from Lionsgate and the producers of Get Out and Us. I definitely got the ‘Get Out’ vibe from this trailer. Horror films were starting to get a bit stale over the last few years but this may be an emerging formula here, which is keeping it mostly grounded in a very normal reality. This makes it almost immediately more relatable to us and therefore heightens the scares when they come. I also got a small hint of ‘The Handmaiden’s Tale’ from this where it seems regular women were being held captive and told to forget about their previous lives. Its classed as a ‘Terrifying Thriller’ rather than a Horror which I think makes sense.

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Janelle Monae plays successful author Veronica Henley who somehow finds herself trapped in this terrible reality where pain and death are just as painful as in her regular life and she must find a way to escape.

There is a lot going on in the trailer and even possibly a hint of payback/revenge We’ll find out for sure when this (hopefully) hits Cinemas this August 2020

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