Army of the Dead Latest Trailer – Introducing smart Zombies!

army of the dead

Army of the Dead brings an extra dose of danger to the traditional heist movie by adding Zombies! Get the money and survive the horde-simple

Have you been missing some Zombies in your life? Well fear not as Army of the Dead is sure to scratch that itch. Before Zack Snyder got obsessed with superhero movies and six pack soldiers, he made the cult classic Dawn of the Dead in 2004. 17yrs later he returns to his roots. bringing his latest Zombie movie to Netflix the May. This is a heist movie set in the midst of a Zombie apocalypse. It has a great cast with some big names and is sure to be a bullets and gore fest when it hits our screens. Enjoy this teaser

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Army of the Dead Latest Trailer - Introducing smart Zombies! 1

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[…] up is Army of the Dead (trailer), a heist movie the likes of which you have never seen before. Visionary director Zack Snyder, […]