Death on the Nile Trailer-Motive, Mystery, and Murder collide

death on the nile

Poirot, the World’s second greatest detective (after Batman) returns to solve another high-profile mysterious murder case on the Nile

‘Death on the Nile’ is one of the few films remaining which despite being completed, had its release delayed by almost a year due to the pandemic. Well time has flown by, and its February release is in touching distance. This sequel sees Kenneth Branagh return to direct and star as Agatha Christies‘ Hercule Poirot in another delicious murder mystery

These films are always fascinating as they challenge you to ‘play along’ with the detective, trying to work out who the killer is. It’s like a grown-up game of Cluedo, you know the killer is one of these intriguing characters. all with their own motives. But who done it? Find out this February

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