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Bill and Ted 3, John Wick 4 and the Matrix 4

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Get ready, Keanu Reeves is Reloading!

When I was a kid everyone was going crazy over Waynes World. They had the very cool celebrities and pop culture references. I always favoured Bill and Ted because they never tried to be cool, very much outsiders


with their impossible dreams and time travelling phone box. In a way, always Keanu Reeves seemed like a Hollywood outcast himself, with constant teasing about his acting ability but despite this, he just kept winning, which I loved. As i grew up, Keanu reeves movies grew with me, through Point Break, Speed, The Devils advocate and then The Matrix- which is a film I saw 4 times in the opening week. Needless to say it had a major impact on me. I became addicted to the feeling of amazement the whole cinema felt the first time they witnessed ‘bullet time’. As I got older I felt Keanu was entering his twilight years as well, best work behind him. But never one to be counted out, he has struck back with another hit franchise with John Wick. Whilst not my favourite film series, I find them hugely entertaining and seeing Keanu in action reminds me of my youth and lets not forget the MCU rumours floating around. Then there is the announcement of another Bill &Ted film which has me both excited and concerned. Should it have been left well alone in my childhood? Time will tell but for now, Keanu is coming back on top again and I couldn’t be happier for him.

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One thought on “Keanu Reeves is Reloading”
  1. Love him. Not the best actor but I’ve always been entertained by his films and he seems like a thoroughly decent guy. What more can you ask for?

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