Nope (June22) Trailer & Special Feature by Jordan Peele


With ‘Nope’, could Jordan Peele prove to be a modern-day Hitchcock?

This is the latest feature aiming to bring some scares to our screen, seeing Jordan team up again with regular collaborator Daniel Kaluuya. Jordan’s approach to horror has proven to be incredibly unique with less focus on blood and gore and more mystery and wonder with well-formed characters and some unusual scenarios, as seen in his previous hits like ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’. He’s background in comedy (Key and Peele show) means there are always hints of comedy. After the trailer there we’ve added a special feature from the director himself talking about his inspiration for this movie. Will this be another unique horror masterpiece? We’ll find out this July

Left to right: Daniel Kaluuya and Writer/Director/Producer Jordan Peele on the set
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