The Matrix Resurrections Review (no spoilers)


Is this movie worthy of the once great ‘Matrix’ name or
Is this just a mindless cash-Grab?


Reinserted back into a Matrix, Neo must work out Is this reality a physical or mental construct?
Will Neo once again have to ‘Follow the White Rabbit’?

NEO (Mr Thomas Anderson)

The Matrix Resurrections Review (no spoilers) 1

Keanu was great, never missed a beat. He is still THE ONE! ‘John Wick in a trench coat’

Trinity (Tiffany)

Carrie-Ann Moss is the embodiment of Trinity. Always ready for a great action Scene. Trinity and Neo have Great chemistry.

Morpheus, Sati & Agent Smith

NOPE! Not Morpheus. Bring back Laurence Fishburne!
The Matrix Resurrections Review (no spoilers) 2

Priyanka Chopka-Jonas was …. OK, I guess! Looks lovely though!

OH, HELL NO! He is Smith-Less! Hugo Weaving…. Where u at?

Niobe, Bugs & The Analyst

The Matrix Resurrections Review (no spoilers) 3

Old Woman Niobe! The new Oracle? GET OUTTA HERE! Bugs is a standout Character – Bright future head. Neil Patrick Harris, THE ANALYST! Pure Class.

See the beautiful Matrix characters here


I did not enjoy this addition to the franchise. Infact, I only like the original Matrix,
Now don’t get me wrong, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Ann Moss & Neil Patrick Harris were Great,
but the story was poor, and it relied too much on fan service. Very disappointing!

2/5 🌟 (And I am being nice….it is Christmas after all!)

The Matrix Resurrections Review (no spoilers) 4
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