Who is the Best Bruce Wayne of the Bunch?

bruce wayne

Which Bruce Wayne will emerge as Gotham’s true favourite son?

Orphan, Billionaire, philanthropist, vigilante. Bruce Wayne has been the template for comic book alter egos for over 70yrs. Many have tried to replicate, duplicate, and remix the classic origin story of the man who went on to become Batman, one of the most recognised and respected superheroes of all time.

There have been many screen depictions of the man behind the mask and while they all share the same origins the portrayals have been vastly different. Some have been more comic book accurate and others while beloved have strayed quite far from the source material (looking at you Adam West! ).

Everyone has their preferred big screen Batman but when the masks are off, just who is the best Bruce Wayne? Here are four of the most celebrated and anticipated, who’s your favourite?

Favourite Bruce Wayne?
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Well I’m frankly insulted that George Clooney isn’t on the list lol. I must have watched Batman & Robin about 50 times when I was a kid, I unironically love it!