In these films about prejudice and race, can love triumph over hate?

Race and Prejudice have always been a part of the discussion in society. The movie industry continuously tries to tackle this area on screen. These are 5 films where Hollywood tried to shine a light on some of the racism, prejudice and social injustice faced by many and how we as a society can attempt to relate to each other better. While there were no fairy tale endings, some of the films were able to offer positive or hopeful outcomes

  • Remember the Titans 01:15 Trailer here
  • Crash 03:25 Trailer here
  • Detroit 05:10 Trailer here
  • Guess Who 06:40 Trailer here
  • Zootopia 08:25 Trailer here

5 Powerful Films about Race. Which ones found Positive Outcomes? 1

By Kalvin Ricketts

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