5 Terrific things we know about Coming 2 America and 5 Questions we still have

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When we think about Coming 2 America, March 5th can’t come round quickly enough. Despite initial reservations about Eddie Murphy returning to this franchise and risking its legacy, the first two trailers have drawn most of us right back into this hilarious world. There are things we already know for sure about the return of the dynamic duo of Akeem and Semmi but there are also some questions we will need answered once the film is released.
Here’s 5 things we know so far:
  • The film begins on the morning of Akeem and Lisa’s 30th wedding anniversary. They have had a successful and loving marriage but still deal with many of the issues and arguments most couples go through
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Eddie Murphy and Shari Headley star in COMING 2 AMERICA Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios
  • They have 3 daughters named Tinashe, Omma and Meeka. Meeka is the oldest and believes she should be her father’s heir, despite tradition demanding a male
  • As expected, Lisa’s father Cleo returns in Coming 2 America and has been running a successful McDowell’s franchise in Zamunda. Mcdonalds had lots of fun creating their own rival in the original movie so I’m sure they enjoyed it even more this time round
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5 Terrific things we know about Coming 2 America and 5 Questions we still have 1
  • We expect Arsenio and Eddie to play multiple characters but one of their new additions sure to make an impact is the all-knowing Advisor Baba, played by an unrecognisable Arsenio Hall. He is the one who reveals Akeem has a male heir
Arsenio Hall as Baba in Coming 2 America
Arsenio Hall as Baba
  • The connection between Trading Places and Coming 2 America continues as Akeem’s long-lost son seeks employment in New York with Mr Duke, heir to the Duke & Duke Empire
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Eddie Murphy and Jermaine Fowler COMING 2 AMERICA Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

MORE See the Official Trailer here

Here’s 5 Questions we still have:
  • The biggest elephant in the room is HOW Akeem could have a son? We know a young Prince has needs but we followed Akeem so closely in the first movie. He was looking for a Queen, we hope the movie explains when and how this child was conceived while staying true to the spirit of the character
  • Semmi has spent his whole life supporting Akeem, does he get the chance to have his own wife, kids, and family? The first movie referred to his mother; does he get to live some of his own life?
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Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy star in COMING 2 AMERICA Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios
  • Zamunda was a place all about traditions. 30yrs later, the world has moved on drastically. How would all the tradition clash with the outside world?
  • Lisa was a strong independent woman in New York. She hated the idea of being told what to do and doing things just because they were expected. How has she survived in a brand-new unfamiliar country where she must do what is expected of her all the time. And how would she deal with the idea that her insightful idealistic husband fathered a child he didn’t know about?
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5 Terrific things we know about Coming 2 America and 5 Questions we still have 2
  • Speaking of Lisa, what happened to her sister Patrick? There has been no sign of her in the trailers. She was very close to her sister; it must have been a major blow to lose her completely from New York. And did she marry Lisa’s ex Darryl and live happily ever after

Coming 2 America has some extremely big shoes to fill. The original Coming to America is one of those films that has such a strong place in people’s hearts. It was revolutionary and innovative while also being heart-warming and touching. For many its ranked not just as one of their top 5 comedies but top movies of all time. Many have questioned whether this sequel should have even been attempted.

But Eddie Murphy understands the importance this film holds amongst his fans and the movie going public. It’s the reason it has taken this long to come to light, he wanted to make sure it was the right story. He had the idea for this story 4 years ago and it’s taken that long to bring it to the screens. They have confidence they have done an excellent job; it remains for us to decide once it’s released next month.

Until then, Good Morning my Neighbours!

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