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Most Wanted March Movies 2021

Good day good day good people, it’s your boy Mysteree from We Talk Welcome to the March edition of Most Wanted Movies. Can you believe its March already?! There are some Fantastic March Movies coming out this month. I’ve picked three that I think are going to be great.

First up must be the biggest of the March Movies, Coming 2 America. The return of Prince Akeem and Semmi must be the biggest moment this March. Now when this was first announced, my reaction like most other fans was ‘Why?’ Why would they go there and mess with this legacy film? When the original was released in 1988 it was such a moment in history. Eddie Murphy was the biggest comedian in the world. He had dominated the 80’s so far with films like The Golden Child, Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop so everyone wanted to work with him.

He reunited with John Landis who had also directed Trading Places and they made magic together. This felt like the ultimate amalgamation of everything Eddie was good at. He got to be charming, funny, sing, dress up in masks and create this amazing movie which was at its heart still just a love story.

Fast forward 30yrs and when the first trailer dropped, I couldn’t help but smile. It feels like they might have found that magic again. This film feels like it has all the ingredients from the first film plus some new flavours thrown in for good measure. All our favourite characters are back (some of whom have mysteriously not aged much in 30yrs) and some brand-new additions like Tracey Morgan and the legend that is Wesley Snipes

Now don’t get me wrong, I still have some concerns for the film, for example how are they going to explain Akeem having a son, I’ve watched the 1st one a thousand times and he was focused on finding his Queen, when did this one-night stand occur? And, the comedy style was very much of its time, how will it translate to a modern audience who are happy to get on social media and complain/cancel at the first sign of offence?

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Coming 2 America has massive expectations and very big shoes to fill. Can it rise to the challenge? We’ll all find out very soon. This definitely tops my hype meter this month

Next up for March Movies is Chaos Walking staring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley. This is actually Tom’s second film coming out in March, the other being Cherry on Apple TV which is due out in the UK on March 12th. If you want to find out more about that you can read Dani’s review here. But back to Chaos Walking.

Now this film has suffered almost as many delays as New Mutants, and that was before the Pandemic! It was originally announced 10yrs ago in 2011.The rumour is the initial press showing in 2019 was so bad they went back to the drawing board to make some fundamental changes and re shoots.

At the time they were initially cast, Tom and Daisy didn’t have the profiles they do now within the industry, so they are a lot less likely to want a film they are headlining to come out and be terrible.

Chaos Walking is based on a series of young adult novels and you can imagine the idea to develop this into a film was around the time young adult films line The Hunger Games were doing big numbers at the box office.

The premise centers around a society where all women have been wiped out by a virus leaving only men in the society. While the men remained alive, they were afflicted with ‘the noise’, meaning all their thoughts can been seen visually.  Daisy Ridley character arrives on the planet as the first woman, and she has no ‘noise’. She teams up with Tom’s character to attempt to escape pending danger and reach the new world.

I like to root for an underdog. This film has been through the wars to get to this point. I still find the concept off deepest darkest thoughts being on display and I really like both actors so I am looking forward to this one finally being released and I’m going to remain optimistic that its going to be great. We’ll be bring you a review shortly

For the last of my March Movies, we are going over to Disney Plus. If there is one thing Disney are good at, its producing quality animated features. The level of interest may vary slightly based on which Disney studio has produced it but when they bring out the team that made Frozen and Moana, two of their biggest originals, you know they are serious about this release.

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Raya and the Last Dragon stars Kelly Marie Tran as the voice of Raya, a warrior tasked with seeking out the last Dragon to help battle an ancient evil. Dragons once lived alongside humans in peace and when this evil threatened, the dragons fought alongside us and eventually gave up their lives to save humanity.

Now this evil threat has returned, and Raya must find the fabled last Dragon to come to our aid once again. Raya begins putting together a team of adventurers to join her on this mission. She finds the Dragon, but things aren’t exactly what she was expecting.

I was hooked from the very first trailer. With a great cast of characters, slick action, great spiraling landscapes a great story this is one I absolutely can’t wait to see this March

As I said earlier, March is a massive month for films, honourable mentions go out to Boogie, GODZILLA Vs KONG and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Yes, the fabled Snyder Cut will be released this month on March 18th. As excited as I am personally to finally see Zack’s true vision, I believe that if you didn’t like Man of Steel or Batman Vs Superman, you probably won’t enjoy this. I was a big fan of those films so March 18th will be a big day for myself and other DC fans, so if you are with me, rejoice-The Snyder Cut is finally here!

That’s it for me this month. Hope you have a blast with these March Movies. If this is your first time joining me make sure you follow, like or subscribe, wherever you are watching.

Join me next month for April’s most wanted Movies. This is Mysteree saying we talk film, come join us!

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