Cry Macho – One last ride for a legendary cowboy

cry macho

Cry Macho is a drama which sees an aging formal rodeo star (Eastwood) travelling to Mexico to bring back a young boy mixed up in bad company

Western Legend and celebrated film maker Clint Eastwood puts his cowboy hat back on for a different kind of western movie. Clint plays Mike Milo, a formal rodeo star and all-round tough guy whose best days are far behind him. He is hired by a father to bring back his son safely from Mexico.

The film is an adaptation of the 1975 novel of the same name by N.Richard Nash. Since becoming a director, Clint Eastwood has delivered some truly outstanding dramatic films so there is every reason to believe this will follow suit. Cry Macho hits screens this September.
Clint Eastwood rides to the rescue again in Cry Macho

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