Soul Review – Can Disney really deliver its sweetest movie gift for Christmas 2020?

soul review

Soul is an ambitious animated feature with lush visuals, a vivid world, and a unique style all of its own.

Pixar were always going to face an uphill battle with its chosen subject matter. A film which has Jazz music and death as its focus was likely to be a difficult sell to those who come to Disney for their standard fairy tale stories and singalong songs.

soul review
Soul Review - Can Disney really deliver its sweetest movie gift for Christmas 2020? 1

For those looking for somethings a bit more and are prepared to dig a bit deeper, Soul throws up some interesting questions of obsession, life, and purpose. Many of us get stuck in the chase, looking for that high and miss the beauty we already have.

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2 Replies to “Soul Review – Can Disney really deliver its sweetest movie gift for Christmas 2020?

  1. I just finished Soul, it’s a lovely film. Pixar have obviously been at the forefront of animation technology for the past 25 years but I so appreciate them continuing to push boundaries with the type stories animation can be used for with films like this and Inside Out.

    Soul has such a powerful message – that life isn’t about finding some divine purpose or achieving great things but rather appreciating the simple beauty of the world, finding joy in the little things and making connections with other people. It might not be so easily accessible for children but I think it’ll resonate strongly with adults, both young people grinding hard to ”make something of themselves” and older people reflecting on what they’ve done with their time on earth. I had a little cry at the scene where it all comes together – great stuff!

  2. I watched this movie last night and i am split on how i feel in regards to this movie.

    On the positive, the Pixar animation in outstanding and a beauty to behold, it looks and sounds amazing and they have really gone to the extreme’s with this movie. I loved seeing this on my large TV screen. I can only imagine how beautiful this would have looked in the cinema.

    Story-wise. For children, I do not think that they will grasp the full content of this movie, it feel it will resonate better with older children and adults. Whilst i did understand the story and the message that it was trying to put across, i have to be honest and say that I was disappointed by the movie. maybe i went in expecting too much, but with the history of great Pixar movies, could you blame me for that?

    I did feel a bit let down by the movie, but the beauty of it makes up for what it is lacking.

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