New Trailer for Project Power: If you had a Super Power for one day, would you be the Hero or a Villain?

In Netflix's Project Power, superpowers are the drug of choice Its as easy as taking a pill to gain an amazing ability in the latest action thriller from Netflix. When i saw the trailer, for some reason my first thought was of Syndrome from the Incredibles. His evil plot was to develop super powers as something he could sell off to the highest bidders and eventually when everyone has a super power, no one would be special anymore. the superhero/super power genre continues to be successful because deep down we all have a yearning to be able to do something…
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Say Hi to the Bad Guy- Is this the Super Villain era?

After 'The Joker', Is it time to Say Hi to the Bad guy? Is this the Super Villain era? ‘Every Villain is the hero of his or her own story’: The Writers Journey - Christopher Vogler Why should we say hi to the bad guy? When I first heard Warner Bros were going ahead with a Joker movie, my initial reaction was "No, why, dear lord, why?" No one wanted or asked for a Joker movie. One of the Joker's biggest draws as a villain is his mystic, his mystery. There was an element of power in his anonymity. I’ve…
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