New Trailer for Project Power: If you had a Super Power for one day, would you be the Hero or a Villain?

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In Netflix’s Project Power, superpowers are the drug of choice


Its as easy as taking a pill to gain an amazing ability in the latest action thriller from Netflix. When i saw the trailer, for some reason my first thought was of Syndrome from the Incredibles. His evil plot was to develop super powers as something he could sell off to the highest bidders and eventually when everyone has a super power, no one would be special anymore. the superhero/super power genre continues to be successful because deep down we all have a yearning to be able to do something unbelievable, something incredible and impossible. These films feed the idea that somehow, that may be possible one day. Project Power stars jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishbank. They play a cop, a retired soldier and a teenage dealer.

These three team up as an unlikely trio, to take on the bad guys trying to weaponize super powers for profit. The plot feels like it could just another version of an idea that’s been done a thousand times before. But the cast is solid, the action appears exciting and engaging. The combination of traditional weapons facing off against super powers should definitely keeps us entertained. Will it be any good? We’ll have to wait just a few weeks to find out when Project Power is released exclusively on Netflix on August 14th

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