Will you Take a Walk on The Dark Side of Justice?

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HBO Max and JJ Abrams are bringing Justice League Dark to our screens in 2021

With all the talk about ‘#TheSnyderCut’ it would be easy to forget there are other important moves being made within the DC live action Superhero Universe. JJ Abrams, the man behind Alias, Fringe as well as the recent Star Wars and Star Trek reboots is alleged to have been given the choice of existing DC properties to work on and choose Justice League Dark.

Zatanna takes centre stage while with guest star Wonder Woman

Justice League Dark are the mystical lesser known members of the league. Any threats which include, magic, demons, evil spirits and other dimensions tend to fall to these guys. So why would JJ Abrams choose these guys? Well if we look at his past work, he has shown he is more than capable of updating and relaunching established franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek. He also knows how to make good TV. Fringe felt like an like a smarter weirder X-files so he has good experience dealing with strange non traditional story lines. They don’t have what you might refer to as a roster as permanent as the regular League but there are some members who are regulars, like Swamp Thing, Zatanna and probably the most famous member right now, Constantine.

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John Constantine has been present in popular culture for a number of years, first receiving the big screen treatment in the 2005 film ‘Constantine’ starring Keanu Reeves. More recently and most notable in the TV series played by Matt Ryan. He is known as the Hell blazer, a demonologist, warlock and master of the dark arts. He’s from Liverpool, England, is violent and notoriously anti social with a bad attitude. His good heart has made him incredibly popular with fans and one of the most popular ‘Anti Heroes’ of recent years. Even after the show got cancelled, Matt has gone on to play the character on other shows such as Arrow and DC’s legends of Tomorrow as well as voiced it in numerous animated features. Most recently in the DC animated movie Justice League Dark Apokolips War. Matt has gained a very loyal fan base portraying this character and its safe to say that whatever JJ Abrams plans to do with this, the fans will be up in arms if Matt Ryan isn’t cast.

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HBO Max executive Kevin Reilly has said while Arrow verse architect Greg Berlanti has done an amazing job with the connected shows on the CW network, JJ Abrams Justice League Dark and other properties would be of a much higher production value, even Cinematic in scope which means The Snyder Cut wont be the only Movie style property finding a home on HBO Max. All sounds like a very exciting future for DC Comic properties on the network but any thoughts on who will bring my favourite magician Zatanna to the screen?

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